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Sourcing Product Buyer Name Date
Fabric Bleaching Che Symriseltd 2019-11-08
Garment Usage polyur M Alam 2019-11-05
Screen Printing ink Screenit 2018-11-01
Fabric Bleaching Che Absolut Bank Online 2018-08-31
Textile Processing Benj Todd 2016-07-07
DYESTUFF Filpantone 2016-01-19
Buy Greek Flag Daskalakis Emmanuel & Co 2012-02-27
dyer wanted Star Silk Exports Pvt Ltd 2012-01-10
Buy wax roll for yar Tadbir 2011-11-22
Buy acrylamide Tripod (textile Solutions) 2011-05-09
Agents Wanted Furnytrend Uk 2011-04-18
Heat transfer (Flex Impress India 2011-04-06
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