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FEIXIAN ANIMAL BY-PRODUCTS FOREIGN TRADE CO.,LTD.& Feixian Mengxue Livestock Products Processing Co., located in the picturesque Feixian County in Yimeng Region. As the leading and rapidly developing enterprise in the agricultural products industry, the company is one of the export-oriented enterprises of woolen materials in China.

Our "Yimengxue" brand products, namely rabbit hair , Rabbit down, woolen silk yarns, oak silk, cashmere wool etc. are sold and well-received not only in China, but also in 40 other counties and regions. The company has fixed assets of 15 million RMB yuan, with annual sales income reaching 120 million RMb yuan and foreign exchange earned 5 million USD. In addition, the company is equipped with more than 50 carding equipments and supporting devices.

The company has set up breed plant, rabbit hair processing plant, rabbit hair washing plant and rabbit down carding plant, which are capable of the annual output of 1,500 tons of end-product rabbit hair and 1,000 tons of combing rabbit down. Upholding the tenet of "Survive through quality, develop through honesty", we firmly believe than quality is the life of the company.

Livestock Products Breed Plant, is located in the southern suburb of Feixian County seat. With an occupied floor area of 100,000 sq. meters and total investment of 10 million RMB yuan, the Plant can accommodate 100,000 rabbits and 10,000 live pigs.

The company is one of the key enterprises of cony hair in China, and has been awarded numerous honors by related authorities. Mr. Li Zhongdong, our president & general manager, is ready to cooperate with friends from around the world for a bright future.

The introduction of main products:

Cony hair

This hair is one kind of natural animal fiber collected from Angora rabbit.With even fineness, soft and white outlook, this hair is a very good material for moist-adsorbing and warm-keeping because there are hollow space and vacuum layer inside this fiber. Compared to wool and cotton, it can adsorb much more than 2 times and 3 times of water, it is the best natural fiber for health; Moreover, this hair also is the best material for textile industry because its peculiar characteristics and feeling, such as light, smooth, warm, good hand-feeling,perfect luster and good wearable capacity. At present, we can produce all series of cony hair products, the quality is reliable and the delivery time is good.

Rabbit down

Made from cony hair and processed by precise maufacturing method, this rabbit down can not only keep the character of cony hair, but also has better performance. With smoother feeling, whiter color and lower impurities, it can offer more yield and more even yarn. As one kind of top-grade material for textile industry, it is ranked as the special fiber of natural fibers by international textile industry. Rabbit down has whiter color, longer fiber and softer feeling; it can be blended with other fibers or weaved solely. The fabrics made from 100% of rabbit down yarn have been the most popular fabrics in the market now. Its underwear can offer good wearability and good health-care capacity, and its price is very good too. At present, we can offer all kind of“Yimengsnow”serial products in good price; Moreover, for customers with special requirements, we also can provide you special products in different grades and different styles.

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