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Chengdu Combing Cotton Textile Co., Ltd., formerly named Chengdu No. Textile Factory, is a specialized developer and manufacturer of cotton textiles, particularly natural colorful cotton products. It is Sichuan Province that is only devoted to the product development of natural colored cotton environmental protection , environmental protection type enterprise developed , produced , sold too.

We own 2 sole subsidiaries and 4 joint-stock subsidiaries. Equipments we employ include: 60,000 ring spindles, 16,000 twisting spindles, 8 combing ranges, 2,320 rotor spinners, 621 looms, and more.

We offer cotton yarns, fabrics and knit products, detailed as follows.

. 6-80D carded/combed cotton and blended yarns; brand name: Yinta, Sanfeng; production capacity: 8,000T per year

. 90-360cm cotton greige, knit and geotechnical fabrics; brand name: Baixiang; production capacity: more than 20 million meters per year.

. Natural colorful cotton underwear; brand name: Jincai, Yi'ershuang (OEM); production capacity: 1.5 million pieces per year.

. Cotton socks; brand name: Huancai; production capacity: 1.2 million pairs.

Our revenue of 2003 is RMB200. All products we offer are manufactured under full compliance with ISO9002 norm.

We are market oriented and we strive to deliver quality and create values needed by customers. We look forward to your inquiry and/or visit for business cooperation with you.

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Company Name: Chengdu Combing Cotton Textile Co., Ltd., 
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