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     Guangdong Luoding Jiada Textile Co., Ltd. is a excellent large-scale private textile enterprise in Luoding Textile industry city, with the registered capital of RMB 20 million yuan and a land of 200mu. We enjoy perfect traffic network( consisted of highway, railway, harbor and port) and convenient communication condition.    Equipped with leading top/spinning/dyeing & finishing production lines (about 26,000 spindles)from France, Germany, Italy, Japan and China , Jiada annually can produce 8,000 tons of yarns and RMB 100 million yuan of products.    At present, Jiada mainly produces and sells such famous and quality products: cashmere-like yarn coarse yarn (28~52Nm/2);artificial wool yarn (24~52Nm/2);Acid-alkali yarn (28 Nm/2, 32Nm/2, 36 Nm/2);pure wool yarn (20~48Nm/2); wool blending yarn (30/70 , 50/50 , 20/80), (24~48 Nm/2 );twist-branch y

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Company Name: Guangdong Luoding Jiada Textile Co., Ltd. 
Company Address: 18 Gongyesanlu, Luoding, Guangdong, China 
Zip: 527200 
Contact Person: Fan Jinquan 
Telephone Number: 0766-3830860 3836338 
Fax Number: 0086-766-3866372