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Founded in 1990, Zhejiang Haining Haifeng Twisting Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise at 383# Xiachuanlu in Haining economic development park in Zhejiang province, with 250 employees, modern factory and office buildings. Moreover, equipped with leading apparatus (6 hi-speed elasticizer, 13 twisters and 20 bobbin winders), we now can produce 2,000 tons of top-grade Chinlon stretch silk every year. At present, Haifeng mainly produces Chinlon (NYLON)6, Chinlon (NYLON)66 and Terylene products. They are mainly used in lapping yarn, socks, gloves, yarn and belt industry. Our products include Nylon DTY, Reeled white semifinished silk and dyed silk; the specifications of Nylon are 30D/2, 40D/2 , 50D/2, 70D/2, 100D/2, 70D/1 and 100D/1; the specifications of Terylene include 25D, 35D, 75D, 100D, 150D, and so on. In addition, custom-made products are also available for the customers with

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Company Name: Haining Haifeng Twisting Co., Ltd. 
Company Address: 383# Xiachuanlu,Haining Economic Development Zone, Haining, Zhejiang, China 
Zip: 314400 
Contact Person: Miss Zhu, Mr. Shen 
Telephone Number: +86-573-87092385 
Mobile: 13806709302 13586423359 
Fax Number: +86-573-87095673