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Located in Hebei Qinghe International Cashmere Technical park―the Cashmere Capital of China,Hebei Yulian Cashmere Group Co.,Ltd occupying 66,000.00 sqm , has 900 employees and a total assets of RMB 250 million yuan. . Since 1986 until now, Yulian Group has become a large-scale cashmere manufacturing company. It operates in every aspect of cashmere : dehairing , spinning and knitting , and it has its own I/E License . At present , Yulian group is Equipped with 80 sets of single/duplex style dehairing machines , be able to supply dehaired cashmere 360 tons per year ; The group has installed 4 Cashmere Spinning production lines in 2004, including 4 sets of brand new OCTIR carding machines, 4 sets of brand new BIGAGLI B-6.4 styles pinning mules, new Japanese MURATEC Assembler , Spooler , Twister and HongKong made dying apparatus,and it can produce 260 tons of high quality pure cashmere wo

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Company Name: Hebei Yulian Cashmere Group Co.,Ltd (Yulian Group) 
Company Address: 22 New Century Street Qinghe, Hebei, China 
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Telephone Number: 0319-8169628 8169658 8169618 8169617 8169602 8299027 
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