Suppliers China drawstring bags manufacturer string backpack string backpacks pull string backpack
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string backpack string backpacks pull string backpack

string backpack string backpacks pull string backpack
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MOQ: 5000
FOB price: 0.2
Port: ningbo
Payment Terms: T/T
Packing: 300
Delivery Time: 20
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production professional bag handbag welcome to call or QQ consultation. Printed paper bag: 157 grams to 400 grams of coated paper, white card, duplex white, kraft paper, aluminum foil gold, silver foil paper, specialty paper and other paper. Bag Printing color: one to four colors (colors according to customer requirements to increase the number of colors). Bag production process: the bag may be hot, hot silver, from the dark (bump), UV, Fumo (bright film and the film is divided into sub-film). Handbag rope: PP rope, cotton rope, polyester rope, Si Sheng, polypropylene knitting, weaving rope, three strand rope, tote rope, stereotyped rope. Bag Quantity Printing: 500 from India. 3000-10000 number of bag printing is the most cost-effective price, (the number of prints is the more cost-effective.) Handbag design: you still are not satisfied bag pattern designed it? You are still a headache for the handbag design color? Let such a problem to us! The company has specialized in the years of handbag designers, professional pattern for your bag, color design with, for you to solve all looking back after! Another: the company to undertake color pictures, posters, business

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