Suppliers China Personalilzed Drawstring Bags Manufacturer best drawstring backpack large drawstring backpack
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best drawstring backpack large drawstring backpack

best drawstring backpack large drawstring backpack
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MOQ: 5000
FOB price: 0.25
Port: ningbo
Payment Terms: T/T
Packing: 300
Delivery Time: 20
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(Oxford), also known as Oxford. Originated in Britain, Oxford University named after traditional combed cotton fabric. Oxford is a waterproof surface 
Materials, specifically for the production of various types of luggage, so if you want to make a bag with a waterproof function, generally used oxford cloth fabric. But 
Oxford bags from the strict sense and can not be regarded as an environmentally friendly bag, because the back of it with a layer of waterproof fabric PVC material, which layer of PVC 
Material is not an easy material to be degraded naturally. In repeated use, and finally recovered under this cycle can be regarded as environmentally friendly. Oxford bags 
Is widely used in shopping bags, advertising bags, gift bags and other fields, the product packaging. Oxford bags commonly used printing screen printing, but it is difficult 
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