Suppliers China Personalilzed Drawstring Bags Manufacturer drawstring cotton bag cotton drawstring backpacks
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drawstring cotton bag cotton drawstring backpacks

drawstring cotton bag cotton drawstring backpacks
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Bags & Luggage >> Cosmetic bags

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MOQ: 5000
FOB price: 0.2
Port: ningbo
Payment Terms: T/T
Packing: 300
Delivery Time: 20
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Polyester, silk screen advertising, use of a long, suitable for any company in any industry as advertising, gift purposes. Non-woven shopping bags more economically 
Effects of plastic limit release from the start, began to withdraw from the plastic packaging market items, non-woven fabric can be replaced by repeated use 
Shopping bags. Non-woven bag printing easier than plastic in terms of patterns, colors more vivid expression. Plus can be used repeatedly that can be considered 
On the non-woven shopping bags than plastic bags, plus more attractive patterns and advertising, because it can be used repeatedly loss rate of less than plastic bags, resulting in non-woven fabrics 

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