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Title: Non-woven bags and plastic bags, - a comparative account of housewives 3_ _ Revelation 3 Revelation 
Contents: non-woven bags and plastic bags, - a relatively housewife account [Original 2013-12-25 14:58:41] 
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As a full-time housewife, my task is to housework, child care. Some people say that living is very simple, but I have to say, this 
But inside the university asked, for example, how a budget to save money, there would have deep knowledge. 2008 began to ban plastic 
After buying things from the supermarket would not be able to provide free plastic bags, which is very inconvenient for us. There are old, under the home 
Small, in order to ensure that fresh fruits and vegetables to protect the elderly, children's health, the average two-day trip to go to the supermarket, a large plastic bag Sanmao 
Money, money spent on plastic bags a month going on around five dollars a year is 60 dollars. For me to live, I often think of plastic bags are 
So money, inevitably very distressed. How to save this expenditure it, I was beginning to use a plastic bag again, but with no 
A few times on the break; later made ??their own cloth bag, but not beautiful because every time the supermarket will always attract a lot of people look strange; although 
However, I was a housewife, but also the pursuit of beauty. Later, I saw someone selling non-woven bags, one dollar, very beautiful and fashionable appearance, 

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