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make a drawstring bag how to make drawstring bags

make a drawstring bag how to make drawstring bags
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Executives talk about the standard test in the bag sealing bag production process due to many factors, it may produce timely closure seal leak, the pressure to wear 
Or cracks in the material itself, micropores are formed inside and outside communication hole. These will have a detrimental effect on the contents of the package, in particular food
Goods, pharmaceutical packaging, cosmetic and other industries, will directly affect the quality of sealing products. Seal leakage is caused by a bad main reason for corruption in future 
. Which organ bag packaging especially four of the most prone to leaks. Tightness testing (using the device: Ming Wei detection tightness tester) of 
Standards are shown in Table 1: Table 1 tightness testing standards (Figure) tightness test specific methods vary, commonly used in domestic production practices 
GB/T15171-1994 standards. 1 colored liquid immersion method This method is often used to test the air content is extremely complex bag sealing. Follows 
: The test liquid (a clear color with a colored filter solution) into the wipe test sample bag, after sealing the bag flat on the filter paper, 

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