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cloth industry development measures successfully resolved the crisis 6.3.4 6.3.5 nonwoven industry Xiantao Xiantao Peng market town nonwovens industry encountered difficulties nonwovens industry 6.3.6 Xiantao Peng market to the good momentum of development constraints Xiantao 6.3.7 the main factor in the industrial development of the city woven 6.3.8 proposal to speed up the development of industrial clusters woven Xiantao City, Fujian Province, the scale of 6.4 6.4.2 6.4.1 Non-woven industrial development in Fujian Quanzhou, Fujian has formed a new spunbond 6.4.3 non-woven fabric production base in Quanzhou, Fujian woven industry had woven a new

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