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GA014MD Tight Winding Machine

GA014MD Tight Winding Machine
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GA014MD Tight winding machine, it’s for after dying winding or Rewinding thread using, it can wind cotton, wool yarn, chemical chopped fiber and blended yarns, it can rewind yarns from Cylinder bobbin to cheese Cone type, or Cone type to Tube bobbin type, with waxing process, the finished cone yarns are applied to the processes such like warping, knitting and yarn combining etc.. 

Main technical data: 

*Type: Double sides(Groove Drum)
*Number of spindles: 40, 60, 80, 100 ,120 (100 as the standard spindle number)
*Spindle Gauge: 254mm
*Guide Traverse: 152mm
*Winding speed: 400-500 meters/minute
*Bobbin: wooden bobbin- conical angle is 6°, Φ25/Φ62×177mm
         Paper bobbin- conical angle is 3° 30′, 4°20°, 5°57°, 9°15″
*Forming size: Φ200 (big Dia) ×152mm (length)
*Grooved drum: Bakelite drum with a diameter of Φ82.5mm and 2.5 circles of anti-ribboning 
*Yarn-break auto-stop device: Each spindle has an independent set of auto-stop device.
*Tension device: Each spindle has a set of tension gasket (which is divided into light, medium and heavy types).
*Yarn cleaning device: it can optional to install Popular type electronic yarn cleaner. 
*Blank-bobbin conveyer device: It is equipped at the left and right side of the machine, and it’s used to convey blank bobbins from the head to the rear.
*Anti-ribboning device: it has a intermittent switch in the Electronic box to make the motor rotating turning on and off circularly. The intermittent time can be adjusted according to the different denier yarn’s speed. It has an electronic display in this device.
*Length counting device: it can be optional to install Electronic length counting device 
*Bobbins putting shelf: equipped with Insert rod.
*Cop joint device: can optional to install Air splicer (or knot tying machine) .
*Waste yarn Cleaning device: it can optional to install GUO13A type to-and-fro blowing cleanser on the machine.
*Operation mode: it can optional to install GUO12 type dollies at both sides of the machine for convenient operation of workers.
*Motor Specification: Main Motor, 1.8Kw, 380V, and 1440 RPM, 2 sets.
                     Auxiliary Motor, 0.37Kw, 380V, and 960 RPM, 1 set.
*Machine size: L13600 x W1150 x H1523mm (it’s 100 spindles size ).

The machine can optional install Electric Cleaner, Length counting device per spindle, time counting device, Frequency Inverter Controller, Air Splicer and etc.



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