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GA014SF Soft Winding Machine

GA014SF Soft Winding Machine
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GA014SF Soft winding can winding pure cotton yarn, chemical-fiber and blended yarns with soft package on cones, it's for preparing winding before dyeing.

Main technical data:
*Type: Double sides(Groove Drum)
*Number of spindles: 40, 60, 80, 100 ,120 (100 as the standard spindle number)
*Spindle Gauge: 254mm
*Guide Traverse: 152mm
*Winding speed: 350-400 meters/minute
*Grooved drum: Bakelite grooved drum of φ80mm with 2 circles of the same distance.
*Drum guide travel: 147mm
*Grooved Drum transverse: 2.2mm , 3.2mm, two types.
*Traversing times of grooved drum: 14.2 times/minute.
*Bobbin: 0°, 3° 30′ , 4° 20′or can be make-to-order against offered sample bobbin.
*Take up size: Φ180 (big Dia) ×149mm (length)
*Density of cheese yarn on cones: 0.30-0.40g/cm3
*Yarn-break auto-stop device: Each spindle has an independent set of auto-stop device.
*Tension device: Tension balancing device is set with total 10 kinds of tension spacers (weight balancing can be carried out according to technical requirements).
*Yarn cleaning device: installed Blade for Yarn cleaning.
*Diameter of Drum’s belt pulley: Φ110mm
*Blank-bobbin conveyer device: It is equipped at the left and right side of the machine, and it’s used to convey blank bobbins from the head to the rear.
*Hold yarn shelf: can use Cylinder bobbin, Conical Cone and etc.
*Anti-ribboning device: it has a intermittent switch in the Electronic box to make the motor rotating turning on and off circularly. 
*Traversing gear: it installed grooved-drum traversing gear to remove the hard edges of the cone.
*Waste yarn Cleaning device: it can optional to install GUO13A type to-and-fro blowing cleanser on the machine.
*Machine size: L13795 x W1122 x H1615mm (it’s 100 spindles size ).
*Motor Specification: Main Motor, JF0-32A-4, 1.8Kw, 380V, and 1440 RPM, 2 sets.
                      Auxiliary Motor, FW11A-6, 0.37Kw, 380V, and 960 RPM, 1 set.
*Triangle belt: A1800, 6 pieces

The machine can optional install Electric Cleaner, Length counting device per spindle, time counting device, Frequency Inverter Controller, Air Splicer and etc.

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