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TS008A Multi-ply Yarn Winder

TS008A Multi-ply Yarn Winder
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Yarn Creel Single winding Single winding

Machine Application:
  TS008A Multi-ply Yarn Winder Machine, it's for multi ply yarns mixing winding together, can wind like 2-12 plys yarns on the bobbin, can suit like cotton yarn, wool yarn, fiber yarn, polyester yarn and etc. 


1. Master digital controller;

2. each spindle run separately with a motor drive;

3. Length counter installed on each spindle;

4. Auto stop device;

5. adjust speed by inverter;

6. uniform tensioner;

Technical parameters´╝Ü

Spindle No.

Max 36 spindles

Spindle Gauge


Spindle NO. per group

4 spindles

Winding yarn Plys

2-12 plys

Winding Speed



Each spindle with a motor driving


tabletting tension

Auto Stop Device

Yarn sensor

Traverse Gauge

6-10' inch

Air Splicer

Optional installed

Blower cleaner

Optional installed

Brake system

Optional installed


L 1920 x W 850 x H 1600 mm (one group size)


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