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TH-18 cheap price Spandex Yarn covering machine

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    TH-18 Air covering machine( Spandex covering machine), it's a high speed precision type air covering machine, the machine can do spandex covering, also can used as intermingled machine, all controlled by the computer, so the operating will more conveniently. also the work ing speed can be 700-900 Meter/min, it's almost the twice production than the ordinary type air covering machine.

     the spandex draft time also controlled by computer with the servo motor, so any draft times you wanted all can be done, its no limited.

    Types of winding  precision winding
    Mechanical speed  up to 1200m/min (process speed depending on process parameters)
    Package shape  freely programmable
    Traverse length  155-250mm
    Take-up package diameter  up to 280mm
    Package weight  up to 2-4kg (depend on which bobbin using)
    Supply package diameter  up to 320mm
    Yarns  Spandex/lycra, polyester, Nylon, cotton and etc.
    Take-up tubes  0-3°3 0' bobbin
    Layout  single sided machine
    Number of spindles per section  5 spindles
    Min. / Max. number of spindles  5/40 spindles
    Gauge  400mm
    Rolling numbers  3 pcs 
    Oiling device Each spindle has the oil yarn device
    Driving Each spindle work ing separately
    Installed power  ~400w per spindle
    Power consumption  ~50w per spindle
    Density of winding  Freely setting
    Volume per section (L*W*H)  2000*600*2000 mm
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