Suppliers ZHENPING HUAXIN CARPET GROUP 260L Hand Knotted Turkish Living Room Silk Rugs
Details for China 260L Hand Knotted Turkish Living Room Silk Rugs

260L Hand Knotted Turkish Living Room Silk Rugs

260L Hand Knotted Turkish Living Room Silk Rugs
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MOQ: 1 Meter
FOB price: 382
Port: as depends
Payment Terms: Western Union
Production Capacity: as your requirements
Packing: standard
Delivery Time: within 7 days
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Product Detail
  • Texture: Silk
  • Shape: Square
  • Style: Modern simple
  • Brand: Huaxin
  • Source category: Customization
  • Applicable scenario: Sitting room, Hallway, Study, Dining room, Hall, Meeting room
  • Product category: Carpet/Floor mat
  • Art.No.: ST-02003C
  • Technology: Manual weaving
  • Overprint LOGO: Can
  • Whether supporting wholesale: Yes
  • 4: 6
Detailed Product Description

Hand-knotted carpet, with high practical value, expresses host’s cultural taste and lift style.You can see rich hierarchy even subtle color from the amplification of details.

nice silk handmade turkish  oriental carpet and rugs

the pure natural plant dyeing so that the color is still bright even after hundreds of years.

Handmade knittingnational nonmaterial cultural heritage

UniqueThere are no exactly the same carpets in the world
Material of carpetsmade by natural silk without any chemical materials which are harmful to human body
Easily matchhandmade silk carpet is a kind of arts which can match any styles of furniture and design
Life of useit can last over hundreds of years and  pass on to offspring. And the value of the carpets will constantly increase with the passage of time.
Changes of colorStanding in a different position, silk rug emit different luster and diffuse different charm.
Easily to maintainsilk carpets don’t absorb dust, typically  clean once in 5-6 years.
Never afford static electricity; never drop hair; never fade

Value of artArtificial cost more than 1 year time to prepare, real handmade works of art

Noble and elegantHandmade carpet is artistic item of high technology and art value. High-grade handmade carpet is known as "soft gold", which is the symbol of family wealth and taste.

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