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Kunshan Brilliant Sunshine Textile Co., a famous innovative enterprise comnbined industry and trade . Located in Kunshan City of Jiangsu Province, it enjoys superior geographical location, with Shanghai at east, Suzhou at west, Zhejiang at south and Nantong at north. Due to unique geographical advantage and our unremitting effort, our company is widely recognized and trusted by customers. As a modern enterprise ,we are specialized in research, development, production and sale of chemical fiber woven fabric, Brilliant Sunshine is professional in the production of high-grade water-proof fabric, compound fabric, fluorescent fabric, inflaming retarding fabric, anti-static fabric, Teflon fabric, uvioresistant fabric and so on. Our fabrics are widely used in the manufacturing of skiwear, jacks, mountaineering wear, cold protective clothing, sports wear, policeman uniform and etc. Ins

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Kunshan Brilliant Sunshine Textile Co., Ltd.
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Company Name: Kunshan Brilliant Sunshine Textile Co., Ltd. 
Company Address: 5thFloor , Building No.29, Rushang Mansion, No.168, West XinNan Road, Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province, China 
Contact Person: Mr Xie 
Telephone Number: +512-83663111 
Fax Number: +512-83663222