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microfiber towel supplier
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Specifications: health inspection office said that because there is no special institution to supervise such cleaning companies, the disinfection effect of cleaning companies is also unknown. > Dong Xiaopeng Yantai multiple hotels one time terry towel bacteria seriously exceed the standard (map) Yantai hotel health inspection, terry towel unqualified hotel industry A number of hotels in Yantai, a one-time terry towel bacteria seriously exceed the standard (Figure) hotel.2013year072915:04 source: before Sina T|T, consumers always go to hotels or barber shops to buy public goods such as Terry, towel and bedsheets. This time, there is a good news to tell you, how kind of linen in public places is washed with a standard. Before, the Yantai Municipal Health Bureau issued a "health standard" grass cloth cleaning and disinfection units, "standard" put forward specific requirements for the contractor,

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