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Specifications: Health Inspection Institute of Yantai Health Bureau launched a special sampling inspection for terry towel of 15 beauty salons in Zhifu district. Test results show that the Zhifu Jiayi salon, the total number of bacteria exceed the standard 4 beauty salon creative name hair salon sampling terry towel samples. Among them, a hair salon in the West on IL, to provide customers with the highest terry towel bacteria exceed the standard 9 times! In this list, a lot of use is the "one-time terry towel" provided by the washing company. The "one-time terry towel" that customers spend 1 dollars exceeds the standard of bacteria? You're right。 Linen washing washing disinfection enterprise does not regulate the hair salon, lead to unqualified result, part of the beauty salon terry towel total bacteria seriously exceed the standard, the total number of bacteria exceed the standard terry towel are derived from the offer does not meet the hygienic standard for enterprise linen washing, can cause great harm to the health of the masses of customers. The cleaning process for the layout of the workshop is strictly required by the specification. The production layout of the washing unit should be divided into non clean areas (clean points and points).

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