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Specifications: - problems of linen cleaning region is not clear "dirty linen and clean are mixed in a region, so it is easy to cause cross infection." During the interview, experts from Yantai Health Inspection Institute said that the important problem faced by the washing industry is the problem of unclear area. In the "standard" clearly stipulates that the washing unit bearing the location and layout should have to meet the needs of cleaning and disinfection work environment, to no water, no grass, no garbage, piled up in the open air and habitat, clean environment. The rise - a survey of Yantai enterprises in Yantai there is no standard washing linen washing industry, to broaden the range of Yantai washing industry, increase the employment channels for the public, but the lack of supervision, disorderly development, also brought harm to the long-term development of Yantai linen washing industry. According to the reporter, currently the city has not been able to fully meet the "standards" requirements of the linen washing enterprises, especially some small family workshop in linen washing, these practitioners has no business license, no drying, disinfection

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