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terry towel suppliers
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Specifications: equipment, only a simple washing of linen. In practice, when law enforcement officers to check the beauty salon washing outsourcing business, but found the address provided are false, the interest of these enterprises and public places underground washing linen linen users, guerrilla and supervision departments, it is difficult to trace back to the source. In the past because there is no threshold, coupled with the lack of supervision, the linen washing industry prospects. This time, the introduction of new regulations, will Yantai linen washing industry development, from the maintenance of public health and safety level, create the system standard, which will enable Yantai linen washing industry to a certain extent, the implementation of a more standardized management, planning of enterprise road walk. Yantai 40% hotel linen washing unqualified past year years, with the rapid development of city economy, Yantai Hotel, the number of rapid rise, but also led to the rise of linen washing industry. According to the city health authority investigation, at present only the urban areas there are more than 20 enterprises in the provision of social linen washing washing service outsourcing to 233 hotels, hotel. Is there a

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