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Specifications: and cleaned. Outside the factory, a few ropes are drying all kinds of clothes, a car stops at the door of the factory, waiting for the clothes that have been washed. Reporter learned from the Municipal Health Bureau, for the washing factory, health supervision staff also went to the site to inspect the site, not only the environment does not meet the washing hospital supplies production process, washing process and wastewater discharge requirements, but also from the transition to washing to count packaging is carried out in a room, goods mix. "The articles of the hospital should be cleaned in a special washing company and can not be mixed with the goods of the ordinary unit." City Health Bureau official told reporters, because of the health department for washing company itself with no regulatory authority, in order to ensure the quality of washing and avoid the occurrence of adverse events, they will strengthen the management of subordinate medical units washing, cleaning all items must be sent to the hospital, washing services conform to the hygiene standards. Respiratory

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