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MOQ: 123456
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Port: 123465
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Detailed Product Description
Specifications: Hairdresser's Terry Towel health condition is disinfected or become infectious source of disease terry towel, clean, sanitary cleaning industry Terry towel health salon disinfection is not complete or worrying disease source clean.2013year080509:31 source: Chinese clean portal T|T in the beauty salon, terry towel is every customer to use items, after some beauty salons, often can see a row of dry terry towel, however, in the consumer into the store when do you think the terry towel health standards? Recently, more health supervision of the local hairdressing establishments terry towel, towels and other public activities carried out sampling, test results are not optimistic. Recently, local health supervision institute of the local hairdressing establishments, terry towel and other public activities carried out sampling, among them, 10 hairdressing shops in Yantai City sampling, 8

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