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Specifications: sanitation problems; 22 hairdressing shops in Lucheng area sampling, detection of terry towel, a bath towel is not up to the standard of 12. When the reporter interviewed found that even in the rain, a lot of beauty salon while started at the gate supporting racks to dry the washed terry towel, the weather was good, when asked whether the sun disinfection, a shopkeeper said "the bacteria are killed ultraviolet disinfection, this method is simple and thorough". However, in the beauty salon, when pedestrians and vehicles pass, especially the vehicle drove dust and vehicle exhaust the ground to dry terry towel. In the evening, some barber shops didn't pick up the terry towel outside the store in time. With the start of the barbecue stalls, terry towel not only had a barbecue smell, but also saw the thin black charcoal ash. In addition, some salons, technicians will also work with a terry towel repeatedly to different customers, such as comb hair cutter, only once to different guests sponge mix, this approach

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