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wholesale microfiber beach towels
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Specifications: cleaned together. "Washing plant sewage is discharged directly, sometimes can be seen in the vicinity of the road." Mr. Yang said his mother lived near the Shan Qing gate. Washing clothes in such a washing plant is so irregular and free to discharge sewage. It is very likely to cause some diseases to spread and harm to others. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter found, finally in a factory in Jiaxing silk printing and dyeing factory, found Mr. Yang's washing factory. The factory looks relatively simple and has little area. Only one cleaning equipment is operating, and there is no qualification certificate hanging around. Next to the machine, a man from time to time washed out the dry clothes, and four or five women workers skillfully classified and stacked all kinds of clothes. The reporter saw in the factory cleaning washing items, in addition to the hotel, the bathroom terry towel, there are some towels, printed with a medical text clothing, sheets in the washing. Moreover, these hospital items are mixed with other items and are separated only when they are cleaned

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