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wholesale microfiber towels

wholesale microfiber towels
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MOQ: 123456
FOB price: 123456
Port: 123465
Payment Terms: L/C
Production Capacity: 5
Packing: 5
Delivery Time: 5
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Specifications: location and layout should have to meet the needs of cleaning and disinfection work environment, to no water, no grass, no garbage, piled up in the open air and habitat, clean environment. LV Hibiscus on page 123 next page shows the remaining content on this page Jieliya: small terry towel terry towel terry towel jieliya brand, brand of hotel industry Jieliya: small Terry brand towel hotel.2013year072915:04 source: T|T before as the representative of the brand terry towel in jieliya, there is not a domestic consumers recognized by the local terry towel terry towel brand, the domestic market has not formed a good brand competitive environment, the market is still in the low technology and low added value low marketing stage, the market concentration is not high. Jieliya brand development strategy as the core strategy of enterprise development from the beginning of

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