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Specifications: Gaestgiveriet Hotel business unit needs washing, hotels, beauty salons and other public places to send linen cleaning must comply with "standard" requirements of the washing unit. This specification is the first in Shandong province for our standard washing operations made by third parties, it issued new regulations, means Yantai linen washing industry faces reshuffle". Yantai's disposable Terry hotel towel bacteria exceed the standard terms to explain what is serious. The public places linen? Public places linen refers to the hairdressing industry, hotel industry, sauna massage industry, Cara OK dance hall industry, swimming venues and other bedding, towels, bathrobes, terry towel and other cotton products. - problems of linen cleaning region is not clear "dirty linen and clean are mixed in a region, so it is easy to cause cross infection." During the interview, experts from Yantai Health Inspection Institute said that the important problem faced by the washing industry is the problem of unclear area. In the "standard" clearly stipulates that the washing unit bearing the

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