Suppliers OPPIOT A rugged Magnetic UHF tag OPP9020M
Details for China A rugged Magnetic UHF tag OPP9020M

A rugged Magnetic UHF tag OPP9020M

A rugged Magnetic UHF tag OPP9020M
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  • Bedding fabric: Polyester
  • Product category: Bed skirt
  • Whether supporting wholesale: Yes
Detailed Product Description

 Our item OPP9020M is a rugged waterproof UHF tag can be used for tracking metal assets and equipment such as machinery, parts, containers, railway cars, trolleys, trailers,Dimensions:90x20mm.The tag  Compliant with ISO-18000-6C/EPC Class 1 Gen 2 standards, these versatile tags offer superior read range capability  up to 10.5 meters with a fixed RFID reader.  This magnetic RFID tag is easily attached to any object or metal support.

Such as tracking trays and other containers whether they can be found at your premises or otherwise. For example, you can understand which trays are near which supplier, or distributor, so that will not easy to be lost or misplaced. It allows you to rationalise the quantity of trays required, putting a stop to overstocking, and thus cutting costs.

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