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RH-400A Thermal Fabric Slitting Machine

RH-400A Thermal Fabric Slitting Machine
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Detailed Product Description

★Technical Features:
1.The use of welding steel-box structure, by the cabinet,wang link fastening components,such as shoring component,xiang Tinei part in the drive,qitight structure,operational safety,yet   simple,simple, electric control box as a separate electrical cabinets.
2.Only moving from passive magnetic clutch conyrol retreat volume tension,volume retreat tension,manual adjustments,a few significanttension size.
3.Recipe retreat in optoelectronic control of the hydraulic car,for trimming the width of control,error of not more than 5MM.
4.Both equipped with waste-coiling device,save labor,increase production efficiency,coiling tension manually adjust the size of significant tension.
5.Coiling axis from the cylinder to promote gripping,work by the vapor-liquid onversion locked,solid support,with a footswitch au-xiliary control,handling convenience,reduce the intensity of the work.
6.Using hydraulic carrying knives,knife-easy control.
7.Use of computer-long,high-precision measurement long.
8.Through magnetic manual control,the use of the five magnetic clutch and only a fixed magnetic clutch,arbitrary regulation,cutting the fabric tension and crimp tension-thick,thin fabric can be,the wide scope of application.  

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