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Mobile Transformer Oil Filtration Machine

Mobile Transformer Oil Filtration Machine
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MOQ: 1 Meter
FOB price: 10000
Port: shanghai
Payment Terms: T/T
Production Capacity: 100 sets per month
Packing: woonden case
Delivery Time: 15~20 days
Product Detail
  • Model: dvop
  • Brand: PureTech
Detailed Product Description


The PureTech mobile Double-Stage High Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifiers (Model DVOP) are used for transformer oil dehydration, degasification and filtration. As a necessary maintenance tool for power transformers, it can effectively remove free and soluble water, gases and particulate matters contained in the transformer oil, thereby increasing and maintaining the dielectric strength of transformer oil, performing good insulation function in power transformers.


Double-Stage High Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifiers (Model DVOP) adopt two-stage vacuum pumps, namely rotary vane vacuum pump and roots booster vacuum pump, they are especially applied to transformer oil treatment of 110KV,220KV,500KV,750KV,1000KV power transformers.


In addition, Model DVOP can also be used as an vacuum drying and vacuum filling equipment during transformer maintenance.


Features of Transformer Oil Filtration Machine

• Double-stage high vacuum improve the effect and efficiency of oil dehydration and degasification.


• Multi-stage filtration ensures the high oil filtering accuracy.


• Multifunctional integrated equipment, can be used oil treatment, vacuum oil filling and vacuum drying.  (*More functions can be customized according to your requirements.)


• The uniquely designed “T” vacuum chamber enlarges the oil evaporation area more than the traditional design, so as to achieve a better dehydration and degassing effect.


• Model DVOP Transformer Oil Purifier can work offline or online under the safe operation.


• A standalone oil regeneration device can be mounted or connected on its basis for transformer oil regeneration.



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