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characteristics of HEPES buffer

characteristics of HEPES buffer
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Detailed Product Description
HEPES is a zwitterionic organic chemical buffer. It is one of the twenty Good buffers. It does not combine with metal ions and is very soluble in water. It is often added to the cell culture medium for use. Although it has no nutrition to the cells, when cell culture needs to be operated for a long time outside the CO2 incubator, adding 10-25 mm HEPES can provide additional buffering capacity. The incubator provides a good pH environment for the cells.
The HEPES buffer has the following characteristics:
The pKa of HEPES depends on temperature: for example at 25C: pKa= 7.48  at 37C: pKa= 7.31
It has good solubility in aqueous solution, and the aqueous solution is colorless and transparent;
The chemical property is stable, it is not toxic to organis-ms and has no obvious penetrating effect on biological membranes:There is no characteristic absorption for ultraviolet waves, and only weak absorption when the wavelength is less than 230-240nm, so it does not interfere with the usual photometric measurement.
Not susceptible to temperature, ion composition, concentration and other factors to affect the degree of dissociation
In addition to its use in cell culture media, HEPES also occupies a very important position in other biological research. Because it does not bind to metal ions, it can be used in many metal ion research. It is trimethylol A good substitute foraminomethane and phosphate. HEPES is also a commonly used buffer for protein deposition techniques in electron microscopy because it does not affect metal substrates. HEPES has been evaluated and proven to be suitable for use with amphoteric compounds to generate pH gradients less than 1 pH unit wide for isoelectric focusing applications. Among the recommended buffers for glutamate binding tests, HEPES is also the preferred buffer because it can prevent binding to non-receptor materials.Desheng is a manufacturer specializing in the production of biological buffers. It has been established for more than ten years. It has very rich R&D and production experience and product knowledge, and can provide customers with a large amount of technical support and after-sales guarantee. Adhering to the business philosophy of ethics-oriented and honesty first, Desheng has always put customers first. At present, Desheng produces a series of biological buffer products such as HEPES, MOPS, TRIS, TAPS, CAPS, BICINE, EPPS, PEP, etc. Please feel free to contact us if you need it!
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