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Details for China Salicylic acid adsorption for water treatment

Salicylic acid adsorption for water treatment

Salicylic acid adsorption for water treatment
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Keyword: Ion Exchange Resin
Uses: Water Softening
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MOQ: 1
FOB price: 1500
Port: shanghai
Payment Terms: T/T
Production Capacity: 60000 cubic meters
Packing: pallet
Delivery Time: 15days after receving payment
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Product Detail
  • Composition: Ion Exchange Resin
  • Type: water resin
  • Use: Water Softening
  • Specification: M001
Detailed Product Description
Many of the dye wastewaters in the dyeing and dyeing plant's neutral dye workshop contain salicylic acid, a fat-soluble organic acid that was completely drained in the past. Because it is a component of many painkillers, it is used in clinical trials to reduce the risk of long-term heart disease in diabetic patients. Most of them now use recycling to create economic value. The normal printing and dyeing plant recycles about 6 tons per year. Among the methods for recovering salicylic acid, macroporous adsorption resins have been widely used due to their many advantages.
The macroporous adsorbent resin (saliphant resin for salicylic acid adsorption recovery) provided by Suzhou Bojie Resin Technology Co., Ltd. has high selectivity due to the use of specially designed pore size, large adsorption capacity, fast adsorption rate, high mechanical strength, and structure. Uniform, fully eluted after adsorption, no accumulation, good chemical stability, anti-pollution, strong anti-oxidation ability, easy operation and controllability, saving the cost of process equipment for plant waste recycling and saving energy.
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