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  •  Nickel remove  resin

     NICKEL recycling resin produced by Jiangsu Kingshan New Material Co., Ltd  has strong exchange capacity, long service life, repeated use, stable physical and chemical properties, high reaction efficiency, practicality, and low cost. It is

  • Power plant water treatment resin

     Power plant water treatment resin produced Kingshan resin  has strong exchange capacity, long service life, repeated recycling, stable physical and chemical properties, high reaction efficiency, practicality, and low cost.  It is oft

  • Ammonia Nitrogen removal  resin

     Bestion Ammonia and nitrogen  resin  has stable physical and chemical properties, large exchange capacity, and good resistance to organic pollution. It can be applied to the removal of high concentration ammonia nitrogen to ensure the

  •  Color change resin for Aquarium Treatment

     Bestion provides a range of color indicator ion exchange resin, including color indicator cation exchange resin, color indicator anion exchange resin, color indicator mixed bed resin.

  • Scandium adsorption resin

     Scandium (Sc) is one of the rare earth elements, are widely used in the production of batteries, electric light source materials, the permanent magnet materials, laser materials, superconducting materials, optical fiber, and other fields. Usin

  • Lanthanum Extraction Resin

     Lanthanum is one of the most abundant rare earth elements. It can be used as alloys and catalysts. It is widely used in traditional materials and high-tech fields. The macroporous resin enrichment of lanthanum has many advantages, such as stro

  • Rhodium adsorption resin

     Rhodium, a member of the platinum group, is a silver-white, hard metal with high reflectivity, softness, good ductility and plasticity, and can be used as a bright and hard coating for other metals. It is an indispensable key material in high -

  • Cobalt extraction material

    Bestion brand Lithium adsorbent, extracting lithium with remarkable adsorption effect and creating high value. The company also provides cobalt adsorption materials, which are well received by customers.     Welcome your inquiries!

  • Lithium sorbent for extraction

     Our company has newly developed high-efficiency lithium extraction materials, and we look forward to communicating and cooperating with you on lithium extraction business. Any inquiries from you are welcome.

  • Lithium    and  Nickel extraction   material

    The pollution of lithium batteries mainly has two aspects. On the one hand, heavy metals, such as cobalt, manganese, and nickel in lithium cobalt oxide materials of ternary batteries, although not so toxic, are also heavy metals. In contrast, lithium

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