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Zhangjiagang Zhongda Im-Export Co., Ltd. was established in 1997. In recent years, we have put our major efforts on the environmentally-friendly field, especially in the utilization of recycling plastic, such as waste plastic recycling technology and machinery, and related promotions. We have obtained substantial achievements. So far, customers from all over the world have been working together with us and have benefited from our professional services. Our machinery and technology are used in the fields of PE, PET, and PVC. Our recycling and utilization technologies can help you establish your fruitful career, and contribute to the improvement of global environment. Waste plastic recycling business is a career with great potentials and supported by governments all around the world. We believe that our company can give you a hand on the development of your business in this field.

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Zhangjiagang Zhongda Im-Export Co., Ltd.
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Company Name: Zhangjiagang Zhongda Im-Export Co., Ltd. 
Company Address: Zhangjiagang 
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Contact Person: Mr. Kyne Lu 
Telephone Number: 86-0512-58121102 
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