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Fresh air exchange unit

Fresh air exchange unit
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Product Detail
  • Place of Origin: Shandong China (Mainland)
  • Brand Name: GRAD
Detailed Product Description

Fresh air exchanger unit: ceiling-type, vertical, horizontal; company also based on user needs.

Fresh air exchanger unit : 

GRAD fresh air exchanger  in accordance with user needs, to conduct all-round air-conditioned environment on the replacement of fresh air, so that the original Silence of the housing will breathe into the body,changing to use a variety of pollutants such as smoke, dust, smell gas and other odor, along with a planned schedule of indoor, air to be expelled, so that indoor air clean, comfort, adequate oxygen. GRAD fresh air ventilator has truly become a modern residential "cardio" is the new green products to the health of fresh air.

   Humane design
1, ultra-quiet design: GRAD fresh air exchanger  to use ultra-low noise fan, equipment to take high-performance internal muffler technology, machine work, the plane very low noise, no interference;
2, maintenance-free design: unique design of the flow channel, flow through a good wind good, long-term continuous use, the main heat exchanger to achieve maintenance-free;
3, easy to install ultra-thin design: special body design for ultra-thin models to greatly facilitate the installation, construction can save valuable space;
4, Seiko secret agents: high-quality components are steel, environmental protection material, aluminum alloy frame, the surface electrostatic spray technology to deal with speed, quality, the appearance of fine appearance.
5, air filtration design: built-in professional-grade air filter to ensure that the room into the clean fresh air.

GRAD Fresh air exchanger  installed in accordance with sub: ceiling-type, vertical, horizontal; company also based on user needs, design and production of non-standard products to meet customer and market needs.
Bypass function to extend the life of
GRAD fresh air exchanger pass function can be designed to fully utilize the natural energy of spring and autumn, the fresh outdoor air through heat exchange directly into the interior, and maintain clean and comfortable indoor environment, which greatly extend the heat exchanger core life.

   ,,.If you are intrested in  the fresh air exchanger unit   , please provide the following parameters: cooling capacity /heating capacity media , , we shall provide you most competitive price. Looking forward to our cooperation!


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