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  • XL-1A Yarn Tensile Tester

     The XL-1A Yarn Tensile Tester is controlled by the computer. And it is characteristic of pneumatic clamp and automatic data analysis. It can be applied to the tensile tests of various kinds of staple-fiber yarns and filament yarns. The force me

  • XL-2 Yarn Tensile Tester

    The XL-2 Yarn Tensile Tester is a function-extended type of the XL-1A apparatus. Besides the normal tensile test, it can implement a series of yarn tensile tests, such as the elasticity at specified elongation, circulating elasticity at specified elo

  • XN-1A Spandex Filament Elasticity Tester

    The XN-1A Spandex Filament Elasticity Tester is used to measure the breaking force, breaking elongation, load at specified elongation, and elasticity recovery ratio of spandex filaments. It measures force with high precision and high sensitivity. The