Suppliers Jiangsu Lianhong Textiles Co., Ltd. L-056 latest leisure striped pullover cashmere sweater dress for ladies
Details for China L-056 latest leisure striped pullover cashmere sweater dress for ladies

L-056 latest leisure striped pullover cashmere sweater dress for ladies

L-056 latest leisure striped pullover cashmere sweater dress for ladies
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Apparel >> Upper outer garment >> Knitwear

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MOQ: 5000 pcs
FOB price: $20-$100
Port: Shanghai
Payment Terms: T/T
Production Capacity: 2 million pcs/year
Packing: pp bag/carton
Delivery Time: 30 days
Detailed Product Description

 L-056 latest leisure striped pullover cashmere sweater dress for ladies

Model Material Gauge Weight Yarn Color Packing MOQ carton size
L-056 100% cashmere 12GG 235g 26s/48s/60s for optional PP bag+carton(36pcs/carton) 100 pcs 62*48*54cm


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  • Features

           1. Elegant and luxurious, unique style. 100% Cashmere apparel will meke you feel elegant and luxurious. The consumers who wear cashmere sweater will looks to be charm and be able to enjoy the warn and elegant demeanor. The unique cultural tastes of cashmere sweater is ideal for the modern pursuit of high taste share .

           2. Cashmere sweater is featured with soft, suede fullness. Cashmere sweater is processed through a special milling finishing, exposed on the surface layer of fine cashmere sweaters, hand feel soft and delicate smooth waxy suede fullness. If cashmere sweater wearing stickers, contact with human skin, not only without itching feeling, make you feel soft, soft, light, smooth, waxy, warm, cool comfort

          3. In additional,Cashmere garment is featured with warm and good, fine texture. Cashmere goats live in the pretty cold place, the fine root growth and huge fluff  in the mountains of wool layer will be helpful to withstand the cold.The more cold weather, the more lucrative fine cashmere fiber grown longer. Therefore, with a cashmere sweater cashmere fiber processing has a strong insulation.

         4. Cashmere sweater hygroscopic, comfortable to wear. Cashmere moisture absorption capacity is the strongest of all fibers, moisture regain about 15%. Sweater worn next to the changing conditions of the outside temperature, the automatic moisture, has a good perspiration effect, and with the human skin for rapid automatic adjustment of the temperature of the physiological skin


  • Location
          We located in Zhajiagang City which is very close to Shanghai city.There is high speed train station and airport near our company.
          It's very convenient for your business trip to our company.
  • Our equipments
          equipments from German,Japan,Italy.Such as Stoll,Octir,Gaudino and Schlafhorst .
  •  Our production ability
         1.Annual Sweater 2 million pcs
         2.Annual cashmere\angora yarn 3500 tons
         3.Blend yarn 1000 tons
         4.Worsted yarn 3000 tons
         5.Woolen yarn  6000 tons
  • Our certification and honor

         1.OEKO-TEX Standard 100 

         2. WOOLMARK 
         3.  WOOLMARK BLEND 
         4.Certication for measure assurance 
         5.Certification of quality management system
         6.Certificaiton of environment management system
         7.China TOP 10 Textile supplier
         8.Famous Brand
         9.National AAA Quality Approved
  • Our material origin
         Australia,Great Britain,Mongalia, Kirghizstan
  • Our Main proucts


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