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pva yarn 90degree

pva yarn 90degree
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Yarn >> Chem-fiber yarn >> PVA yarn

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MOQ: 500 Kilograms
FOB price: usd3.5/kg
Port: qingdao
Payment Terms: L/C
Production Capacity: 200tons/month
Packing: export quality carton packing
Delivery Time: 15days after lc receipt
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Product Detail
  • composition and content: 100% pva fiber
  • yarn count: 80S
  • yarn form: cheese yarn
  • twist of yarn: 130
  • description: polyvinyl alcohol yarn
  • folded yarns: 1
  • spinning technology: ring spinning
  • place of origin: Shandong
  • main application: weaving, towel, sewing
  • main application: fishing net
  • alias: water soluble yarn
Detailed Product Description

Specification: 90 degree Series
Main uses:
1. Blending 90 degree 60S-100Spva yarn and cotton yarn to produce water soluble untwisted yarn. And the finish yarn is used to produce untwisted towel, which has better fluffy effect, hand feel, softness and high hydroscopicity. Compare with cutting velvet towel, it solve the problem of hair slip.
2. Untwisted yarn produced by 90 degree PVA yarn, can be used to produce concave-convex towel after velvet pile treatment.
3. It is used to separate socks: it can be used in the process of sock manufacturing. It is soluble in pure hot water easily. Therefore manual separation cost is saved.
4. 90 degree above 400s PVA yarn can be blended with cotton, bamboo fiber and model and etc to improve fiber spin ability to 80s to 100s. Therefore its added value and features are expressed.
5. 90 degree PVA yarn is used in carton manufacturing. At present, usually Dacron low stretch yarn is used to improve carton’s toughness. But it is insoluble in water and do damage on environment. If we use 90 degree PVA yarn to replace Dacron low stretch yarn, not only breaking resistance and toughness are improved, cost will be saved as well and environment pollution can be avoided.
6. It can be used as weft yarn to replace insoluble ordinary weft yarn to produce warp oriented felt. The finish carpet has special characteristics compare with ordinary carpet.



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