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Shanghai Fashion Tencel Textiles Co., Ltd. is a Sino-foreign joint venture specialized in wool top. With world-leading technologies, we can manufacture products with best spinnability and top quality.

Armed with various imported equipments, we can annually produce around 3,000 tons of artificial fibres, mainy including tencel top, modal top, bamboo fibre top, milk fiber and soybean fibre etc, which all can meet the production requirements of various companies.

1. High Quality

Our technologies and equipments can meet the highest international quality standards, and products can match any imported tencel products.

2. Timely and Reliable Delivery

As a local manufacturer, we have large amount of goods in hand, and can ensure quick and reliable delivery, which may be difficult with imported products.

3. Advantages in Prices

We directly import raw materials from the UK, which makes our products much more cheaper (even with better quality) than imported ones.

4. Complete Varieties of Products

We can provide various kinds of tencel products. Such as:

Tencel A100 2.7Dx88 wool top (special for wool)

       2.2Dx88 wool top (special for wool) etc.

Shanghai Fashion Special Fibre Co., Ltd. is a Sino-foreign joint venture specialized in the manufacture of special fiber reinforced for engineering. Drawing on advanced technologies from overseas, we made great investment in the introduction and development of the world's top production line of fibre reinforced, with an annual production capacity reaching 5,000 tons of high quality fibre reinforced.

With the rapid development of China's economy, which in turn brings forth the fast growth of the traffic volume, the road construction in China is enjoying quick progressing. At the same time, we have higher requirements for the quality of the bitumen road surfacing. The fatigue load and impulsive load are the two major reasons for the damage of the road surface. Bearing this in mind, we, through the cooperation with research institutes from home and aboard, have developed Fashion AS Fibre Reinforced for Bitumen Road Surfacing, and Fashion 18 Anti-crack Fibre for cement concrete. Fashion Fibres are manufactured with imported polyacrylonitrile fibres, in a production process introduced from Germany.

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