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Chun se yi Lace Company Limited located in Shaxi Industrial Area of Nanhai Prefecture in Foshan. We have different types of computerized machine such as 'DT Fully Automatic Seamless Jacquard Machines' with 64 or 96 spindles. All our products are designed by computer and our machines can products those fancy patterns which are made of very finely spun yarn in high speed. We mainly produce all kinds of lace in cotton yarn,polyester yarn,metallic yarn as well as velvet lace and rachal lace etc.We also run a workshop manily for handwork products such as hand embroidery,piping and crochet,beading,handpaint fabric etc. Besides our continuation in developing our own collections,we also accept custom made orders.There are different teams of staff in product design and development,production and technical support to provide high standard service and best quality products to our customers.

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Company Name: Foshan Nanhai Chunseyi Lace Weaving Co.,Ltd. 
Company Address: 15#, Yongquan Rd., Huangqi Shaxi Industrial Park, Nanhai, Foshan City, Gangdong Prov., China. 
Contact Person: Miss Chen 
Telephone Number: 020-81154612 0757-85993283 13802538211 13679745629 
Fax Number: +86-20-81158649 0757-85913268