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  • Stretch fancy suiting

    Select Australia merino excellent thin wool and American Dupont LYCRA fibre, and adopt advanced process technique to produce. The fabrics not only have the fineness and softness of wool, but also the good elasticity and drapability of Lycra. Smooth a

  • Silk/wool fancy suiting

    Combine the brightness and smoothness of natural spun silk and the softness and fineness of merino wool, interwoven or blended. The fabrics are crisp and soft, smooth and bright, light in weight, silky lustre and comfortable handling.

  • Mohair blended

    Mohair is of low crimping, good rigidity, high light reflectivity and smoothness. Combining with the excellent merino wool improves the wrinkle resistance of fabrics, with soft and crisp handling, natural lustre

  • Double-side fancy suiting

    Adopt original and different texture and surface effect for face and back side, 100% wool or wool blended, soft and plumpy handling.

  • Sirospun

    The fabrics produced by the advanced Sirospun spinning process technique are of special style, light and soft texture, good elasticity, smooth surface, gentle lustre and good drapability, popular in the current international market.

  • High-count fancy suiting

    Adopt excellent Australia superfine wool and blended with all kinds of thin-denier polyester, viscose and polyamide fibre; the max. count is up to 120; fine and smooth handling, noble and elegant color.

  • Tropical fancy suiting series

    The weight of every square meter ranges from 120G to 190G, thin yarn and light weight, interwoven by sliver-dyed multicolor yarns and plying of different-color yarns; tabby is main texture and most are wool/terylene blended; smooth, crisp, soft, thin

  • 100% wool fancy suiting series

    Adopt hi-tech wool spinning technology and combine new type finishing process, endow the fabrics novel design ideas. The fabrics not only have the traditional style, but also the modern feel; soft and smooth handling, silky lustre, glabrous surface,

  • Women's fancy suiting series

    Adopt a wide variety of raw materials and textures; loose structure, light in weight, soft handling, brilliant color, glabrous and smooth surface, concave convex crinkle, used for women's suits, shirt, skirt, frock and coat, etc.

  • Serge

    Reasonable design, lofty and plumpy handling, elastic, glabrous and smooth surface, gentle lustre, vivid twill, moderate compactness, good drapability, is preferred fabric for student's uniform, career wear, wen's and women's suits