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  • Fashion classial fancy wool fabric

    Adopts 50/2, 60/2, 70/2 and other count yarn which choose high grade Australian wool as material, traditional pattern, and fashionable color, the fabric is similar with England fancy wool fabric, it is durable, clear, fine, evenness and natural. Th

  • High count Siro faille (made up of two component)

    It is a new-style wool fabric which adopts high grade Australian wool and polyester filament as materials, with the characteristic of comfortable, crispy, elegant, crease-resist, deformation-resist and easy-care, suitable for garment at all seasons

  • Wool/linen mousseline de laine

    It is blended by high grade Australian wool and natural hemp fiber, and the typical environmental protection fiber accords with the current green fashion. It is in good taste, rough and deep-textured. With the quality of cool hand touch, natural

  • Elastic fancy wool fabric

    Adopting high quality wool and 2-3% LYCRA fiber as materials, it processes the advantages of wool and LYCRA, it is fine, smooth, soft, and elastic. And the excellent elasticity greatly improved its wearing characteristics, with the qualities of comfo

  • Siro Spun

    Adopting yarns with new-style spinning structure, and using the technology of ¡┬░Siro Spinning¡┬▒, the fabric is a kind of worsted piece goods. It is unique, slip, elastic, breathable, good-drape, clean, little-fluff, and in style.

  • Pure wool high count dry wool cloth

    The dry and clear texture, novel style of pure wool concurrent-twist product is different from the smooth of traditional wool product. With the qualities of comfortable, crispy, dry, light, fine, smooth, draping, breathable, and high content of techn

  • Double Cloth

    Adopting the composition different from pure wool and wool blended product, using different weave, color and pattern at show side and back side, thus, the fabric has two different style of surface, velvet cover and smooth surface, which meet customer

  • Natural Wool Fabric

    It is blended by high grade Australian wool and natural fiber. Natural fiber is a kind of cellulose fiber, a kind of non -toxic and non-pollution ideal green fiber, which accords with the current green fad. With the qualities of moisture absorptive,

  • Super high count product

    It is blended by high grade Australian wool and fine-denier polyester fiber. Imitated super high count yarn, and adopted multifarious colors and pattern, through advanced finishing, and anti-crease, antistatic processing, the texture of the fabric i

  • Silk/wool fancy wool fabric

    It is interwoven by selected natural fiber silk and top grade wool. With the characteristic of light, thin, soft,smooth, lustrous, hydroscopic, and breathable, it combined the advantages of the two kinds of natural fiber, is collection of wool fabric