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We are a specialized polypropylene fibre manufacturer. We offer a large selection of products, with a dozen colors optional, to customers around China. Our main products are: 75D-300D DTY, low stretch yarn; functional fibre, differential fibre. We have three patents on our products Magnetized health-care fibre Gate of factory Anit-frostbite fibre and socks PP anti-counterfeit fibre Functional fibres include: PP antistatic fibre, PP flame-retardant fibre, PP anti-counterfeit fibre, far IR health-care fibre, PP high-water-absorbent fibre, anti-UV fibre, antibacterial fibre, deodorant fibre, magnetized fibre. These fibres can be used in functional wears such as functional underwear, wrist band, kneepad, socks. The PP anti-counterfeit fibres are offered in two forms: long fibre, which is mainly intended for anti-counterfeit lable, and short fibre, for paper

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Company Name: Beijing Baiquan Chemical Fibre Co.,Ltd. 
Company Address: Ermaohuandao , Changping District, Beijing 
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