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Zibou Hengyuan Textile Co., Ltd. was founded in 1995. We have been working for customers' satisfaction for several years. We aim to meet the customers' requirement to high quality bedclothes. Quality has been melted into our operation. Customers are highly satisfied with our products. We are a new arising textile enterprise. Our business includes development, weaving, printing & dyeing, sewing and sales. We have introduced 8 sets of warp knitting loop looms, 6 are KS4FBZ and 2 are Superpol 14123. We have 60 sets of rapier looms, 6 overflow dyeing machines and 2 printing production lines. We can produce 6 million meters of warp knitting loop cloths, 0.5 million pieces of towel blankets, 0.4 million pieces of bath towels, 0.1 million pieces of bathrobes and 0.2 million pieces of bed sheets and bedcovers every year. The width is about 110 to 220cm, the average weight per square meter is 160g/m2--650g/m2. Our products have been exported to Japan, Korea, EU and Southeast Asia. There are lots of managers and technicians in our company, taking "Honesty is root and to be outstanding" as the core of our philosophy, we have concentrated the talents and confidences of all the staffs together. As a united team, HY has got great development. HY has formed excellent management idea and management culture though keeping pursuing the higher target. It is the footstone of HY's business.
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Company Name: Zibou Hengyuan Textile Co., Ltd. 
Company Address: 206 Fengyanglu, Zhoucun district, Zibo, Shandong, China 
Zip: 255300 
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Telephone Number: 0533-6163888 6175888 
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