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Plain microfiber double fleece fabric

Plain microfiber double fleece fabric
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MOQ: 500 Meter
FOB price: $2
Port: Shanghai
Payment Terms: L/C
Production Capacity: Three million meters a year
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Delivery Time: 30 days from receipt of advanced payment
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Product Detail
  • Technics: Woven
  • Width: 160cm
  • Feature: 100*160D
  • Weight: 170gsm
  • Model Number: YG0080
Detailed Product Description

Microfiber is one of the new generation symbols of chemical fiber products ,which is a high technological content of fiber varieties.It is said in The Chemical Fiber Introduction, the line density of microfiber that bellow 0.11-0.55dtex is called very fine fiber.In short, the main features of microfiber are: small density of single fiber, small diameter,and at the same time,because of the single microfiber piles together, they can form very small aperture openings, so thar the fiber can gather more closely.
Microfiber  double-sided velvet is made of polyester composite silk brocade,which single fineness is less than 0.2dtex whose fiber fineness is about one the tenths of the ordinary fiber.Because of the sake of small fiber diameter, the bending degree also small, so the raw material with which the fabric weaving out, the surface effect is exquisite than general softness and comfort. This series of fabric has stronger antimicrobial ability, nor any irritation to skin, and this kind of fabric has light texture, so the products made of this kind of fabric are easy to carry。
Microfiber composite silk brocade polyester match  rate: 80% polyester, 20% nylon
Microfiber bathrobe is made from microfiber fabrics .The characteristics of  the product made of microfiber fabrics are as follows:
Hand feel delicate and soft
The degree of bending is expressed by stiffness resistance, the smaller the stiffness resistance is ,the softer the fabrics are. And the bending stiffness is in proportion to the diameter's of the power of minus four .When the line density down from 1.1dtex to 0.11dtex, the fiber fineness was one the tenths from the origin, but the bending stiffness was one over one hundred thousand of before. So increased the softness of the fabric.
(2)Super cleaning ability
One of the applications of microfiber double-sided velvet is made to cleaning cloth and wiping cloth, which gives full use of its high cleaning ability.When we used the product made of microfiber, which has fine fabric liking a sharp knife,can easily wipe the dirt away and do not injure the Lens surface for it is very soft.
(3)High water and oil absorption
When fiber become thinner, the specific surface area increases, form more small wool stoma hole at the same time.The fiber surface area increases, the hygroscopic improves. Most important is the microfiber fabric capillary suction core ability increases greatly, which can absorb and store more liquid, water or oil.This is why microfiber fabrics used as bath towel, sports towel and so on.
(4)No damage to the surface after wiping
Microfiber has only 0.1dtex, which was very fine but toughness.Its wedge cross section of polyester structure and starfish cross section shaped nylon structure can put in any rough surfaces, remove dust thoroughly.And the thin and soft nylon won't scratch the surface of the object.
(5)Washing durable
The microfiber composed of polyester and nylon has stronger friction strength than the natural fiber and the reproduced fiber.It is not easy to fall off, though using more than 2000 times.So it can be cleaned and used repeatedly.
Microfiber double-sided velvet working principle:
    Microfiber can absorb the dust ,grain,and liquid of seven times of its own weight Each thread has only 1/200 of the hair root. This is the reason why the microfiber has super cleaning ability.The space between the threads can traps dust, dirt, oil, grease and so on, not until using water, soap or detergent can remove them.
These gaps can also absorb a lot of water,for that the microfiber has very strong absorption.And because the water just kept in the gaps, it can make the surface dry soon, so that it can effectively prevent the growth of bacteria.  
Ordinary fabric:
There will be residue left on the surface that been cleaned for there are no space for dirt.The surface will be very dirty and hard to cleaning.
Microfiber fabric:
Countless tiny spudders can scooping up and storage the contamination, until they are been washed away.Leaving the surface cleaning and smoothing.When we use it with water,the surface can be cleaned more easily.Because of the high absorption,it can clean the dirt very quickly.
The cleaning method of microfiber double-sided velvet:
Using a washing machine with powder or washing in warm water with detergent.It should be cleaned thoroughly after washing.The bleach will shorten the service life of the clean cloth.Do nor use softener, which could leave a layer of film on the surface of the microfiber,and serious influenced the wipe effect.It should cautious that when microfiber is dried with other clothes by washing machine,the fiber would traps soft clothing surface,so the effect could be affected.The microfiber should be dried in the air or dry at low temperature.Do not iron it or exposure in the sun.
Application of microfiber double-sided velvet
1,Bathrobe , nightclothes
2,Outdoor beach towel , sports towel , bath towel for hotel , bath towel for home use , bath towel  for travel
3,Pet blanket, pet wipes, pet clothes
4,  Plush toys for children, pillow fabrics, age season sheet, bedding bag, etc
5,Senior wipe cloth, car wipe cloth, precision instrument wipes, glasses cloth, clean cloth for electronic products,etc
Main function: antibacterial, antistatic, soft, moisture , environmental protection, wipe off oil and dirt, without side effects to skin
The specifications of microfiber double-sided velvet series(We are welcoming your specification of  orders)
Microfiber double-sided velvet cleaning cloth/bathrobe fabric/lozenge case/clean wiper/copy velveteen
Ingredients: 80% P, 20% N
Width: 130 cm, 150 cm, 160 cm, 167 cm, 235 cm (can be customized)
Gram weight: 130 G/M2-300 G/M2

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