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  • ZS 100 suspended flyer

    Minimize the roving hairiness and yarn faults. The roving twines on the presser finger when it runs through the flyer leg, and then winds upon the bobbin through a flyer finger guide. It can avoid creating Free Section by the flushing of high speed a

  • ZS 200 convenfional flyer

    Model Number: ZS 200

  • XDYB closed suspended flyer

    The closed suspended flyer has less sensitivity to temperature and humidity and lower end breaking. It is suitable for high speed operation in a full automatic production line with fine spinning quality, and the most extensive flyers used on the mode

  • The presser of Zhong's flyer meets

    The presser of Zhong's flyer meets the demands of customers to a maximum: 1.The turning set of presser fulcrum is on the presser so that it is easy to be dismantled and assembled. It reduces the operation cost of flyers. 2.In order to spin the

  • ZS 300 suspended flyer

    Model Number: ZS 300

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