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Wuxi Zhongshi Machinery Co., Ltd. started developing the suspended flyers for roving in 1984, and manufacturing newly developed bracket flyers in 1998. With the continuous effort in many years, Zhong's flyer occupies the leading position of the same domestic industry in six sides:New Creation, Quality Control, Full Specifications, Production Scale, Market Occupation and Exporting Quantity. Zhong's flyer has the honor of receiving the Recommendation Certificate of Product issued by China Association of Textile Machinery & Parts Industry in 1998. It is the most well-known special manufacturer of roving flyers in China.

Zhong's flyer has two series: suspended and bracket flyers with more than 50 specifications. They can meet all demands of roving frames in China. It can also supply the flyers for imported roving frames such as Toyota, Howa, Rieter, Zinser, Marzoli and Ingolstadt, etc. The annual production capacity of this company is 120,000 sets of suspended flyers and 60,000 sets of bracket flyers. They sell well on the markets of developing countries in Southeast Asia, West Asia, Africa and South America.

Zhong's flyer bases itself upon high technology. In early 1995 it made the dynamic stress-strain analysis on suspended flyer with the limited component method and completed the optimum design on flyers, so that the maximum velocity of 1,600-1,800 rpm can be reached. A Schenck vertical double-face dynamical balance tester is utilized for flyer inspection by means of de-weighting, which may obtain the most accurate balance to minimize the roving frame vibration and decrease the noise during the high speed operation. Zhong's flyer pays much attention to the roving channel:Around 10 processing Know-How from preparing, shaping and inner-statue inspection of the high accurate stainless steel pipe to the final fine-treatment. This ensures the successful one-step spinning with no channel treatment after the initial installation of flyers.

ZS 100 series suspended flyer is the new generation suspended flyer carefuly developed for meeting the need of minimizing hairiness and yarn faults to produce high quality roving in spinning mills. It features in the roving running through the flyer leg, twining on the presser finger just out of the leg outlet and winding upon the bobbin through roving guide. This design can eliminate so-called Free Section created from the flushing of high speed air-flow as soon as the roving leaves flyer leg outlet on the traditional flyer, and minimize hairiness and yarn faults.

ZS200 series bracket flyer is the substitute product developed for A454 and A456 roving frames. The flyer body is made of high strength aluminum alloy and the roving channel is made of open or closed stainless steel pipe. With the fine-cast stainless steel presser finger and special processed polyurethane false twister, it can most sufficiently reduce yarn faults and hairiness, minimize end breaking and decrease the difference of roving elongation percentage.

Wuxi Zhongshi Machinery Co., Ltd. takes the wholeheartedly serving textile mills as its managing idea and satisfying textile mills as its standard product quality. It makes continuous creation and constant improvement for its basic developing policy. We are warmly expecting the valuable suggestions and recommendations raised from textile mills. Carefully studying and accepting other's advantages is the motive power and source of creating new products by our company.

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