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Hangzhou Tianxia Silk Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier of silk fabric. Our main products are silk printing, dyeing fabric, loom stare, etc. such as 10101、02、03;12101、02、03;14654、14656、14394 and silk wadding interweave series.

We enjoy well popularity, good reputation and some market share in silk pyjamas fabric market.

We constantly develop new fashion fabrics, and we receive the approval of the customers from Korea, India, Middle East, Europe and America. In 2007, we became the“China supplier”of Alibaba. We will continue to work hard to create value with our customers jointly.

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Company Name: Hangzhou Tianxia Silk Co., Ltd. 
Company Address: 233#, Xinhua Road, Hangzhou 
Zip: 310003 
Contact Person: Manager Hu 
Telephone Number: +86-571-85060471 
Mobile: +86-13067798597 
Fax Number: +86-571-85060471