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    Our main products: all cotton yarn, C/T yarn, T/C yarn, all cotton air vortex spinning yarn, ailina yarns and fabrics, top-grade flame retardant yarns and fabrics (Kanecaron), heat insulation yarns and fabrics, silver-ion antibacterial yarns and fabrics, aramid fiber yarns and fabrics, Cupro yarns and fabrics, top-grade Shirt fabric, top-grade Antistatic fabric, top-grade Military fabrics, top-grade special fabrics for working clothes, all cotton, T/C flame retardant fabric, greige cloths and finished products.

    Shaoxing Linsel Materials Co.,Ltd
    Cotton yarn specifications 
    Combed cotton: 80S/2 80S/1 60S/2 60S/1 50S/1 40S/1
    Carded cotton: 40S/1 32S/1 21S/1 16S/1 10S/1 8S/1
    High precision spinning carded cotton: 50S/1 40S/1 32S/1      
    Combed cotton yarn JC/T60/40(Bleach) 80S/2 50S/1 45S/1 32S/1    
    Combed polyester / cotton yarn T/JC 65/35(Bleach) 45S/1 32S/1        
    Flame retardant acrylic series(60/40) 32S/2 24S/2 16S/1      
    Flame retardant acrylic series(80/20) 32S/1 21S/1 16S/1      
    Flame retardant acrylic series(100%) 32S/1          
    Tencel series(100% Tencel) 32S/1 21S/1        
    Cotton polyester blended yarn JC60% T40% 80S/2 45S/1 32S/1      
    Polyester cotton blend yarn T65% JC35% 80s/2 45s/1 32s/1 21s/1    
    Polyester cotton blend yarn T65% C35% 32s/1 21s/1        
    Cotton yarn JC 80S/2 60S/1 50S/1 40S/1 32S/1
    C 40S/1 32S/1 21S/1 10S/1 7S/1
    Ailina series(Ailina100%) Ailina100% 60S/1 50S/1 40S/1
    Ailina70% Cotton30% 40S/1 21S/1  
    Ailina70% Modal30% 40S/1 32S/1  
    Ailina60% Viscose30% Nylon66 10% 40S/1
    Copper yarn  Copper50% Long lint cotton50%  60S/1 50S/1 40S/1
    Copper30% Cotton70% 80S/2 60S/1 50S/1 40S/1
    Vortex spinning JC 40S/1 32S/1 21S/1    
    Aramid yarn(material 1313 and 1414) 100%1313 42S/2 21S/2      
    93%1313 5%1414 2%Carbon faber 42S/2 34S/2 32S/2
    21S/2 16S/1  
    100%1414 21S/2 16S/2 12S/1 10S/1 7S/1
    Antibacterial yarn(90%Cotton 10%Antibacterial) 40S/1 32s/1 21s/1 10s/1 7s/1  
    Ps:Proporation,spun all kinds of yarns based on customers's requirements.
    Specially offer far infrared heating, antibacterial, high strength fabrics, making products according to customers' requirements, development new fabrics together! 
    Add:Room368,zone3,Yuezhou Textile Trade Park,Shaoxing City
    Contact person:Mr.Jin

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